Magical Party Entertainer

You want your private party to be that little bit different, but sometimes it's hard to see how. Paul can help bring that professional touch into the intimate setting, with extremely close up magic happening in their hands.

Paul has developed many of his own magical routines to allow him to focus on your guests and make them all feel that little bit special. As you are trying to juggle all the tasks that still need doing, you can relax to the laughter that Paul generates. Coins will vanish, cards will appear, and yes, your guests will be demanding "do it again"! They will find themselves amused and amazed as they witness the magic happening only inches away; by involving the guests time will fly and it suddenly doesn't matter if the food is slightly late or you need to get more drinks.

Paul knows that the magic is only one small part of the whole evening, so you can relax knowing that he will arrive on time, entertain your guests then leave when required allowing you to enjoy that very special private party.